DIY Water Garden in a Pot


Every time I see gardening things I wish that I had even just a small plot of space to call my own. Alas I do not, but while I dream about having space for all these awesome gardens, I can figure out which one I want.

We found this fantastic mini pond at Whats Ur Home Story. I love how small it is, easy to place even in the small amount of patio that most apartment dwellers are allotted. I have always loved lily pads and lotus flowers, so this tutorial is super fantastic.

If you are in a northern region where it gets too cold you will want to do some research on storing your pond during the winter months so as not to kill your flowers and your fish. The author of this tutorial has some great suggestions for keeping the mosquitos at bay. I may suggest too that cold water snails might help keep your water clearer longer.


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